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Friday, December 9, 2011


Dear visitors,
It has come to my notice that someone i sold a manual to and also gave a free VCD is offering the manual and VCD for sale on a divv=fferent website but with a name similar to mine..
He did not even rewrite all he did was to remove my name from the manual and then offered it for sale.
Please i have challenged the owner of the site to tell us how he got the pictures Please for those that value the time and energy put into compiling such materials please shun the site. Thanks


  1. That's life for you...Its all about competition. I appreciate your efforts here

  2. Dear Mr Audu,

    Why have you decided to spoil my reputation on the internet? Just because of a fair game of competition, which you cannot cope with, you have decided to put up that horrible post on your blog linking your visitors back to my site. Well, if you care to know, you are at a disadvantage with your approach. The image you are painting for your visitors is clearly unprofessional. Think about it...BEWARE- Of what? It would have been beneficial if you had sent me a mail or gave me a call so that we can talk things over.

    My site is enjoying powerful backlinks from your established blog and I'm even hoping to make sales from this free referral. I appreciate you for this and your efforts on the site.

    Understand that its all about packaging...a lot of ebooks and materials have been sold over and over again on the internet. Asides that, fish farming is what I do full time. Please accept my apology, overlook this and move on.

    Best Wishes.

  3. @ anonymous,
    It is competition if you have similar product but to mine and remove the name of the manufactures and put your own name and begin selling as if you are the original owner is criminal.
    Go and wrte your own manual get your own free VCD
    that is competition.

  4. Anonymus 2,
    There is nothing to talk to you about. You are engaged in criminality if you do not know, you are selling a product you did not synthesize, You removed my name and you are selling the same material and you feel good about it Well it only tells me that my manual is good.
    Go ahead, the matter is in the public domain let the public judge and not you.
    Well done.

  5. ok ..sir, don't mind dis pirates dey r insulents n backsliding agents. Pls i need ur manual on hatchery..pls send me it on my email realdrex@gmail.com, will be grateful...
    Am a graduate, i own a lil fish pond, wish i intend make a living from @ d moment..jst need ur help thanks.