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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures of Concrete, Earthen Ponds and Harvested Fish

Completed Fish Ponds

Eathen ponds with liners ( so that earthen ponds can now be constructed in upland areas)

Construction of concrete ponds

Row of completed concrete ponds

This is a completed fish pond that can produce a total of 6,000 kg of catfish constructed from simple materials and properly re-inforced with iron rods.

Growing catfish at feeding time

Harvested catfish

Harvested Tilapia



  1. sir,my name is Quadri Raheem,ex student of lagos state fishries & marine institute in to fish consultancy services i will like if you up grade me on this email is rquad_jummy

  2. Thumb up for this narvelous initiative of yours!
    Nevertheless, I wish to become a reknown aquarist in the future, Sir how could you help me accomplish my dream. I am an Ex-student from UNILORIN, Nigeria


  3. Dear Sir, i write on behalf of a Community Based Organisation in rural Uganda, can u please help us with your construction plans for the concrete ponds. The only ones available are for earthen ponds which arent really durable. We would be very grateful. Thanks. ps. i know i can c how they are constructed, just want to know whether u put filters in, how u aerate the water and which plants and ponds u use for growing like hycinth and access for the fish.

  4. Wow !!! You have the same system as we have here in Thailand. Our catfish is a hybrid one (Asian female x African male). The growth is better than the Asian one but less than the African.
    However, what type of feed you use to grow your fish. We have floating feed. if you are interested and need more infos, please contact

  5. it's so interesting about catfish's farming that practic in your country. but i still confius that how your pond system work... hope u can explain also in your blog.... tq

  6. dear sir,
    how can i will get more information about pond picture and details?if it possible please send me my email

  7. my name is nwogu patrick from rivers state, presently staying in lagos and loves catfish farming like no other hobies in the world. the question is does the complete manual involve the construction of ponds? if yes how do i get it since i work in apapa (unity bank 44 burma road)the payment will not be a problem. reply me through this e-mail address for further action. thanks

  8. Have you ever thought about growing plants with your fish? Aquaponics uses the fish waste in the circulating water to feed plants. You can get two crops, fish and vegetables!
    Find out more if you like from

  9. Awesome, you have done a great work, i am really happy to check out this information, i wish to have a big pond in my backyard as well.

  10. My name is Daniel Essiet.I am on the agric desk of The Nation.How can we meet? 08033675816

  11. My name is Olorundamilare Paul. First is this website in use if yes please can I have your contact I mean your cell phone number for better communication? 07040500843

  12. Yes Sir the site is monitored by owner daily
    please communicate with me on 08023148863

  13. Sir, am interested in catfish farming and will like to get a copy of the manual. My e-mail and phone number are and 08033587828. I write from Awka in Anambra state. Isaac.

  14. thanks for the mail.
    the manual is available on payment of 3,000 naira. i will send manual on confirmation of payment by email.
    you can collect the free Vcd by hand collection or if you add 1,600 vcd will be sent to you through ABC trans.
    acct details are
    first bank 4423010014836
    GTB 2344937171590

  15. My name is Uduak Essien, I reside in Lagos. I am impressed by your work and would be grateful if you will work with me in my pet project.

    My husband and I operate fish ponds which is situuated in Warri. Presently, I am working on a project to empower rural women in fishery.

    I just relocated to Lagos and would appreciate your help to determine the best area to focus...preferably around Egbeda,Agege etc

    I will need some videos of fish pond sites( completed and uncompleted).

    You can please mail me at: Thank you, Sir.

  16. Adeyinka ImisioluwaJuly 17, 2011 at 5:42 AM

    This is phenomenal. But my question, is the concrete fish pond the best?

  17. My name is Steve O'nwere from in Imo state, i was in Abuja, but now have decided to go back to my home town to start full time farming and i so interested in fish farming but don't have up to hundred thousand Naira to start can fifty thousand go for me? please if it can advice me on how to start.
    My E-mail Add. is
    Remain Blessed.

  18. Sir, I am really impressed with your fish pond farm. I have been looking for a motivator for a very long time; Now, I think that I found one; you. Thank you for showing the light on fish pond farming. I will order for your manual and for the free vcd that come with it soon through my brother in Nigeria. I will also like to talk to you on the phone and possibly see you one day in person. My contact ad: is 773-526-8487.

  19. Am part of AGRICULTURAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SCHEME,LAGOS STATE but really want to have my own farm, i mean ponds so i want u to help me out!

  20. I studied Agric - Econs, and wants to set up my own fish Farm, but have limited finance. I want you to help me on how and sources to access agricultural loan to enable me contact: / 08065197312

  21. I am a fresh graduate wit no job. Pls i will like to start fishries, my question is concrete and earthen pond which is better (2) how will i get ur mannual and vcd. Pls contact me thru: thanks

  22. Dear All,
    For those requiring assistance in farming, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture in your state. They usualy have projects on empowerment that you can benefit from.

  23. Thank u somuch sir. Am a novice in fish farming but will like to have the pond soon. Pls sir, what type of pond is the best? Thanks

  24. my name is Age macallking. i'm in Abuja, my consultant never show after i paid him. now i have algea in my pound. dont know if they kill cat fish.if they do pls what is the solution?

  25. Good Day to you, I am a novice in the Fish farming business but I wish to be part of this business in the nearest future. Please, can you give me a guidelines on how to go about it? regards.