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Nigerian Stock Market

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It all began in the year 2005 when a company called Nospetco oil and Gas came into the scene witha an unheard of profit/returns on investment margin (8.8%/month others even higher)

So many people were drawn in by this promise (including myself) We enjoyed fro some time until all manner of schemes inluding the ones listrd above came into the picture and things began to boom, all of a sudden the buble bursted and it was to ''your tenth o ye israel'' those who could not stand this depression developed hypertension, stroke and death in some instances.

Some are being treathned by law suits as the money they lodged was not thier's.
Meanwhile the operators of this schemes are going about with reckless abandon.
''What can they do'' they seem to be saying.
''WHAT CAN YOU DO'' i will answer that for you.

1 Do not say you made a mistake when you fixed your money with them, at leas when you were doing that yiu thought it was the best thing for you to do. It will be a mistake if you have to repeat the same thing again.

2. Look for a physical business to engage in visit http://catfishfarminginnigeria.blogspot.com/ for a list of small scale agric businesses you can invest on that will deliver returns to you.

3. Make up your mind you wil never fall for that kind of scheme again not even with money ''you can affod to loose''
Give the agric business (fish farming, fingerling production, snail and grass cutter production a thought.

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God bless you

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