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Monday, September 22, 2008

Do fish farmers make profits as being touted?

A good number of people have asked me " What is the profit level or returns on investment from fish farming".
I am always not too quick to answer this question though i have a figure from experience but i also know that the variables that affect returns on investment from fish farming business vary and may depend on the following:

1. Technical know how of the farmer/farm manager.
2. Available infrastructure
3. System efficiency.
4, Fingerling/juvenile selection.
5. Brood stock selection.
6. Feed and feeding regime.
7. Marketing strategy
8. Predator controll

This list is not exaustive and it goes a long way to show that so many factors need to be adressed before you can actualy make profit from fish farming and the ability or the extent to which all these factors are optimized will determine the level of profitability.
Many farmers have been given figures in percentages as the expected profit margins from fish farming and this was the basis for investment decisions. for most of these farmers the result at the end of the culture period is sometimes far less tha the expected profit level.
While some will break even and a fewer number actualy make good profits.

So if you are a fish farmer what has your experience been like? Is catfish farming actualy a profitable venture?

Reactions are welcomed.


  1. I make profit from my farming business but i agree with your points itemised above. if all variables are controlled, then one satnds a chance of recording substantial income. It all begins right from system design, juvenile selection, water and feed management and how you sell.
    if a fish farmer can get this right then swuccess is at the back door

  2. Aphrodite....
    i just came upon your blog and am so excited about it and will be visiting it frequently. i was actually sourcing for materials on catfish farming when i can upon your blog. could you please give details on the best marketing strategy to adopt for Catfish. Thank you